First day on the water for 2015 (shameful I know)

pete east lynAfter much too long off the water, due to injury, I decided to dust off my Recon and head down to Cornwall and see if I could still remember how to paddle, and to see how well my back would hold up.

Alex told me there had been some rain and that the East Lyn, a river I’ve wanted to paddle for a while now, was up and running. I finished work at 8pm on Friday, packed the car and started the 3 1\2 hour drive down to Alex’s house.

alex east lyn

Saturday morning we met 2 other paddles at the cafe at the get out where we decided on what to do.  After getting on the water and have a little warm up, my back was feeling good and it felt like I’d never had time out.Paddling down the river I could see why everyone loves it, there wasn’t really any of those boring sections between features, something was always happening, especially if there was more water, it would be a lot faster and can only imagine how much more fun it would be.

pete east lyn1

When we got the the gorge section, we jumped out and had a quick look. A little bit of nerves kicked in as there was a crux line to make to avoid going down the wrong channel where people have previously been vertically pinned. We set up cover and ran it in pairs and everything went well. With Alex accidently doing some down river freestyle in his new Jackson Zen, tail squirting into the eddy, and me getting beginners luck and getting a line I was pretty happy with.

alex east lyne 2

We then carried on down paddling down, all having great fun and sweet lines and not another paddler on the river! We ended up having two awesome runs down before getting off.

pete east lyn2

There wasn’t enough water to go paddling on Sunday, so we decided we’d go surfing. We got to the beach and the surf looked pretty big, so after popping into Zuma Jay to get some kit, we got changed and went it. After a couple hours surfing we got some dinner and went back to Alex’s where I loaded my car to head back home.

It’s fair to say my back was aching a bit on the Monday.

Big thanks to Zuma Jay surf shop for leading me a board and kit, and Alex and Julia for giving me a bed to sleep!

See you on the water



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