Kit Review: Ophion Paddles

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I have been using Ophion paddles for around the last five years and I really love them, so I have written a little bit about them and why I like them.

‘Ophion paddles are all about creating high performance paddles to serve your passion, they are individually designed, hand-crafted and are made from the finest materials available. Ophion paddles are proud to be produced in Slovenia, just a stone throw away from the Soca River.’

I am currently using two different paddles from Ophion, one is the Katana All Star with an ergo power torque.

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This blade shape is design to be on the river for all aspects of white water kayaking from playboating to river running or creeking, it does everything. I have teamed this blade with the ergo torque shaft which from the photo you can see that the shaft’s crank puts the blade in front of the paddle.

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This means that you gain a greater reach out in front of your boat giving your strokes more power on the water. I have been using this combination for the whole white water season in the UK and loved them. Finding that I can drive the boat where it needs to go.

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Second I use the Katana trickstar with an ergo neutral bent shaft. This is the paddle that I use for playboating as the trickstar offers a blade that is perfectly balanced and aggressive at the same time making it great for freestyle moves.

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For more information on Ophion paddles check out or if you are looking at trying some out check out to find your local store stocking them in the UK.

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If you see us on the water and want to have a go just ask, we are more than happy to let you try them out!



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