Kit Review: Sandiline Semi-dry Cagdeck (Alex Read)

sandiline cag deck4

So I have recently got a new cagdeck for the summer the Sandiline Semi-dry cagdeck this is a great cag for the summer and if you dislike uncomfortable latex neck seals then this is the product for you.

sandiline cag deck1

The upper garment is a 4 layer breathable fabric, available in green, blue or pink. With twin neoprene cone shaped Neck seals. Latex inner wrist seal with outer neoprene seal protection.

sandiline cag deck

The cut of this cag deck is based on the Slightly closer fitting Slalom winter combo I have gone up a size as my Sandiline dry cag deck is a medium but in this cag I have gone for a large. The deck on the cag deck is a more durable whitewater spray deck than the one on the winter slalom combo. The deck is available in Keyhole or big deck with a latex inner coating.

sandiline cag deck5

I have only been using this cag for a week and it is perfect for summer freestyle session on whitewater and flatwater. I have been using it in our sea pool and it’s great as the pool is salt water and due to the twin neoprene neck I do not get any rubbing on my neck. As I use this cag more I will keep you posted on how it is going

sandiline cag deck2

This cag deck is Available here for only £199.00 and if you need more information checkout

sandiline cag deck6

See you on the water,