Kit Review: Sandiline Shorty Dry Cagdeck (Pete)

One thing I love about kayaking is being on the water in the sun. Everything just feels a lot better and way more relaxed, none of the annoying shivering, brain freeze or having to keep moving to try stay warm, but best of all, you get to wear a shorty cag!

For some reason I always feel I paddle better in a short sleeve cag, whether that down to the cag, I’m less restricted as I don’t have material all down my arms, or if it’s some physiological thing, I have no idea, but I just seem to paddler better and feel better, and I love it!

I have a Sandiline long sleeve cagdeck and I really like it, and ideally want to stick to a cagdeck if possible, I find them so much better, not having the tight feeling around your waist where you deck is normally. So when the chance for me to get myself a Sandiline short sleeve cag deck came around, I thought I’d jump and the chance and get one. I went for the green, black and white option.

My Tuesday night club session was happening and it had been a nice hot day, so thought I’d try my new purchase and do some flat water freestyle. Just like the long sleeve version, it felt really comfortable to wear, with the latex neck seal keeping my dry and neoprene arm seals which are really easy to get on/off, and still hold the water out. Not once did I feel any water seep in, and I had a great evening on the water, and I will definitely be wearing this throughout the summer.

I’m really happy with this cagdeck, so if you’re on the lookout for a short sleeve cag, I do recommend you give Sandiline a try!

Check out the Video below of my session in my new cag!

See you on the water,