Paddle Fest at Cardiff White Water Center


So last weekend was the Paddle Fest at Cardiff White Water Center run by Canoe and Kayak Store. I headed up from Cornwall to help run the Squarerock stall as Aaron was in Canada for The Worlds Freestyle. It was a great event where there was an opportunity to try out the full range of boats from Jackson and other brands. There was live music, a freestyle competition and ducky race.



After a full day helping people in and out of Jackson boats and watching them having a great time on the water, I decided to stay the night and paddle the next day. This gave me a great chance to try out the New Jackson Kayaks 2016 Rock Star. From first look this boat is fast on a wave and super easy to cartwheel in a hole. I will do a review when I have paddled the boat more but on first paddle it’s great.




Thank to the guys at Canoe and Kayak Store for putting on the event, can’t wait for the next one.

Catch you on the water,