Team Dynamic Kayaking Productions

Alex Read


Name: Alex Read @arkayaking

Favourite place to paddle: When I am back home in the South West it has to be the East Lyn but I also love paddling in Uganda on the White Nile.

Type of Kayaking: I used to be heavy in to my freestyle kayaking but now a days I mostly can be found mostly in my creak boat.

SponsorsSquarerock importers of Jackson Kayaks, Ophion Paddles, Sandiline and WRSIGecko Head Gear. Surfplugs Hatherleigh Motor Services


Pete Bridgeford

19-8-13 293

Name: Pete Bridgeford @petebridgeford

Favourite place to paddle: I would have to say the best place would have to be in Italy 

Type of Kayaking: I mostly paddle in my playboat but over the last few year I have been getting more into creaking

Sponsors: Canoe Kayak Trader 

pete boof by alex.MP4.Still001