The Jackson Kayak Antix brings the fun back to your local run’s


The Antix is the latest creation from Jackson Kayak, this boat is described by Jackson as “a new creeking/river running kayak that is fun, easy to paddle, runs the river like a dream but with some groove in the hull design to allow for continual play all the way down!” (


So I have been using the new Jackson Kayak Antix for the last few months down in Devon and it does not disappoint. This boat turns quickly, squirts, spins and splats rocks like a dream! While still being able to get you down the river with ease.



I normally paddle the large zen and I sit at the bottom of the weight category so have lots of volume so with the Antix I decided to go for a medium as I sit at the top end of the weight and wanted the boat to feel more sporty. The slicey stern makes it easy to stern-squirt  and rock splat adding more fun to my local runs. With the fuller bow this boat is not only about spins and squirts but it has the volume up front to get you down the river.



I have used this boat on most of my local runs and it never disappoints to put a smile on my face, it’s definitely one of my go to boats at the moment.  If you are looking to spice up your local run, the Antix is well worth a spin.





10 Years with Square Rock

This year has been another great year for kayaking for me. I got the chance to travel to the Outdoor Mix Festival in France with Mathieu Dumoilin, head to Hurly, and Cardiff White Water Centre for freestyle, and to top it off, took a trip to Scotland in November. While, of course, also managing to fit in some fun runs down some of my local rivers.

I was planing on doing a year review and a video when I realised that this year has been my tenth year paddling for Squarerock. So, I thought I would go through some of my footage over the last few years and put a together short film with some photos of the fun I have had over the last ten years kayaking for the guys at Squarerock.

I would like to say a big thank you to Aaron and Rhona for the support, let’s see what the next ten years have to offer!

Hurly Weir on 3 Gates with the 2016 Rockstar


With the lack of water down here in the South West it was the prefect opportunity to head up to the Thames Valley for a spot of Hurly on 3 gates with my 2016 Jackson Kayak Rockstar . It was a great day with good levels in the sun what more could you ask for. This boat is so much fun!



Paddle Fest at Cardiff White Water Center


So last weekend was the Paddle Fest at Cardiff White Water Center run by Canoe and Kayak Store. I headed up from Cornwall to help run the Squarerock stall as Aaron was in Canada for The Worlds Freestyle. It was a great event where there was an opportunity to try out the full range of boats from Jackson and other brands. There was live music, a freestyle competition and ducky race.



After a full day helping people in and out of Jackson boats and watching them having a great time on the water, I decided to stay the night and paddle the next day. This gave me a great chance to try out the New Jackson Kayaks 2016 Rock Star. From first look this boat is fast on a wave and super easy to cartwheel in a hole. I will do a review when I have paddled the boat more but on first paddle it’s great.




Thank to the guys at Canoe and Kayak Store for putting on the event, can’t wait for the next one.

Catch you on the water,


Kit Review: Sandiline Semi-dry Cagdeck (Alex Read)

sandiline cag deck4

So I have recently got a new cagdeck for the summer the Sandiline Semi-dry cagdeck this is a great cag for the summer and if you dislike uncomfortable latex neck seals then this is the product for you.

sandiline cag deck1

The upper garment is a 4 layer breathable fabric, available in green, blue or pink. With twin neoprene cone shaped Neck seals. Latex inner wrist seal with outer neoprene seal protection.

sandiline cag deck

The cut of this cag deck is based on the Slightly closer fitting Slalom winter combo I have gone up a size as my Sandiline dry cag deck is a medium but in this cag I have gone for a large. The deck on the cag deck is a more durable whitewater spray deck than the one on the winter slalom combo. The deck is available in Keyhole or big deck with a latex inner coating.

sandiline cag deck5

I have only been using this cag for a week and it is perfect for summer freestyle session on whitewater and flatwater. I have been using it in our sea pool and it’s great as the pool is salt water and due to the twin neoprene neck I do not get any rubbing on my neck. As I use this cag more I will keep you posted on how it is going

sandiline cag deck2

This cag deck is Available here for only £199.00 and if you need more information checkout

sandiline cag deck6

See you on the water,


Square rock demo day


On Saturday I got a phone call from Alex, telling me he was going down to Lee valley, for a team Squarerock day/Demo day, on Sunday and asked me to come along.


As it was meant to be a really nice hot day, and I hadn’t been in a play boat on whitewater in ages, I decided I’d head over Saturday night and stop in Alex’s van at Aaron Dempsey’s house, to then load my kit into the SquareRock van and all travel down in that together with Aaron.

We started the day well with a maccies breakfast, like true athletes.


We got to the course at about half 10, and unloaded the van of all of the demo Jackson boats for people to try out, as well as a range of demo ophion


Lots of other team SquareRock paddlers turned up to help out and paddle, which was really good, and was great to see some people we both hadn’t seenin a while!

I’d only been to Lee Valley once before (about 3 or 4 years ago!) And only paddled the legacy course for a youth freestyle competition, so I was excited to get back on the water, and try out the Olympic course I’d heard so much about.

Alex and I jumped on the water as soon as we could, starting on the legacy.

11257792_969418139776102_2348007384504318542_n 11402609_969418803109369_732415702751820759_o 11427277_969420099775906_8007178210722333513_o 11537529_969421826442400_2217740330925292642_o


It had been a long time for us both being in playboats, so we were excited to get back into a hole and try throwing down some moves, seeing what we can remember!

We found the first main hole really fun, and really rewarding when you hit the sweet spot for aerial moves, giving you some pretty big air!

11221551_969459953105254_3827545425991946642_o 11357118_969455386439044_7323544379473028954_o 11393564_969447953106454_6881821111830090227_o 11402229_969428496441733_4842071533958501257_o

We were also lucky enough to have ago at hydrospeeding,which is basically going down the legacy course wearing flippers and lying on a piece of foam, it was great fun!


11428185_10153332385422829_6184473427736984023_o 11221973_10153332384672829_707362545233388434_o 11411795_10153332385577829_6674380800660203283_o

11406589_969410479776868_3841698410452974099_o 11418932_969413513109898_6584514488694797244_oLater on we jumped in some Jackson Zens and took them into the Olympic course. Was great fun trying out the speed and agility of the Zen on this course, with its swirly eddies, and big holes and drops.


You think just because it’s a man made course, it will be nice and easy, but it does actually tire you out more than you think!

Jumping in the Dynamic Duo with Alex was definitely one of the highlights, trying not to cause carnage, and keep ourselves upright. Being in a massive boat didn’t stop us laying down the moves, with us managing flat spins in the bottom hole on the Legacy.

11406505_10153332382917829_6641029459620078304_o 11423899_10153332383112829_3283917330451463356_o 11312763_10153332386887829_3340704544077657809_o

Big thanks to Aaron and the SquareRock paddlers for making it a brilliant day on the water. I think it’s fair to say everyone had a really good time, with the sun staying out all day adding to the great atmosphere.

(Photos by Rhona Dempsey Pete Bridgeford and Daniel McGaley)

See you on the water,